Will Kobe and Paul meet in the finals again this year?

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers beat Paul Pierce and the Celtics last year in an exciting seven game series

Hello everybody! My name is Drew Durbin, avid NBA fan, and this blog is going to increase your basketball knowledge and entertain you. I plan to post something new everyday, and I am planning to follow some specific guidelines.

Monday: On Mondays I want to do a head-to-head article, comparing two players head-to-head and determining which is the better player.

Tuesday: On Tuesdays I want to do a player analysis.

Wednesday: Wednesday is throwback day, when we’ll look back on what major NBA event(s) happened this week in NBA history

Thursday: Another Player Analysis

Friday: Friday will feature a Power Rankings, MVP Rankings and Rookie Rankings.

Saturday: We will review what happened during the week in the NBA in case you missed anything.

Sunday: There will rarely be an article on Sunday, but if there is it will be something fun.

I hope that you all enjoy my blog and follow me throughout the years!

Also: I get my images online, but I never forget to thank who I got them from.

Image thanks to: Google Images, BBC Sports

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