Christmas Day Play!

This Christmas in the NBA was one to remember for sure! The most anticipated regular season game of the season, possibly of all time, headed the lineup: The Miami Heat vs. The Los Angeles Lakers.

Heat beat Lakers 96-80

The Lakers really blew this one, losing by double digits in a blowout, however. It wasn’t that the Lakers were playing bad. Well, yeah they were playing bad but the Heat were playing very good. The defense of Miami is the best in the league, so much so that Kobe didn’t even score until the second quarter and struggled throughout the night. Lebron pitched in with a double double, D Wade scored at will and Chris Bosh played well and also had a monster slam over Matt Barnes. Check it out on, it’s pretty sick.

Orlando beats Boston 86-78

This was the game of the night in my opinion. Unless the Lakers get it together the Celtics are the team to beat, but the Magic showed that their new aquisitions in the form of Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson and Gilbert Arenas were worth an underachieving Vince carter and Rashard Lewis. The Magic jumped out to a 13-0 start, but fell apart. They played catch up the entire game but thanks to new cast, and some old faces, Jameer Nelson and Brandon Bass, they managed to pull out the win. The C’s 14 game winning streak came to an end even with Dwight Howard struggling. Paul Pierce never ceases to amaze me, however…

These were the two big games, but here are some other notable facts.

Kevin Durant drops a season high 44 to lead the Thunder to a victory over the nuggets. MVP?

Even without Melo the Nuggets battled, however, behind Ty Lawson and Chauncey Billups, who are playing very well together.

Who needs Nash? The Amar’e Stoudamire and Raymond Felton combo is working out like a charm. Amar’e continued his twenty point game streak, all the way from November 3rd, as they lead the Knicks in a win against the Bulls. The Knicks are looking sharp.

Even in defeat Derrick Rose was breaking ankles. He nearly single-handedly kept the Bulls in the game. Fast don’t lie.

Monta Ellis dropped 39 in a win against the Blazers, though that doesn’t mean nearly as much as it used to. Steph Curry dealt 11 assists in his return.

Portland continues to struggle…

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